Barista OAT MILK

10 Servings per container Serving Size 1 cup (100ml), amount per serving calories 28

What Makes Us Different

About Barista OAT MILK
Vegan and dairy free
Naturally low in saturated fat
Excellent Source of Vitamins & Calcium
Naturally Lactose Free
Barista OAT MILK


حليب الشوفان (ماء منقي, شوفان), زيت عباد الشمس, بروتينات البازلاء, كاربونات كالسيوم, ملح الطعام, فيتامينات و معادن (د2,ب2, ب12, هـ, كالسيوم)


Oat Milk (Purified water, Oat), sunflower oil, pea protein, calcium carbonate, sea salt, Vitamins and Mineral (D2,B2,B12,E,Calcium)

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Looking After TOM

Can be used hot or cold, do not freeze. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days

Contains Oats, Produced in facility that also processes dairy milk

Not to be used as infant formula

Shake well

نباتى, يحتوى على الشوفان

لا يستخدم كبديل لحليب الأطفال الرضع

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